Game one of the Eastern Conference Finals was owned by the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers. Isaiah Thomas could not create the energy for the Boston Celtics that helped them win more games than the Cavs during the regular season. The Cavs are still undefeated in this year's playoffs and have won twelve straight playoff games total dating back to last season. LeBron James continues to play his best basketball to date, and his teammates are feeding off his energy and confidence well.

Isaiah needs to come up big

Lebron James bullied Isaiah Thomas every chance he got in game one of the Eastern Conference finals.

On one play during the game, Isaiah Thomas tried the impossible when he dived at Lebron James in an attempt to stop a dunk. The play pretty much summed up the game in a whole as the Celtics were desperately trying to stop Lebron the entire game.

Isaiah Thomas has been the leader of the Celtics this entire season and since he had arrived at the franchise last season. A true underdog story, Isaiah Thomas has turned the Celtics into a real contender in the Eastern Conference in short timing.

However, in game two Thomas will have to have the biggest game of his career if he wants his Celtics to have a chance at winning the series. In game two of the Conference semifinals, Isaiah Thomas scored 53 points to help the Celtics defeat the Washington Wizards.

The Celtics hope to recreate that same performance in a much-needed game two win.

King James

Lebron James continues to approach the playoffs like a kid bullying on the playground at recess. Not so long ago were people questioning if Lebron was a closer or a reliable outside shooter. Also, many questioned his heart when it came to him completely taking a game over.

After finally bringing the NBA title to his hometown of Cleveland last season, Lebron has seemingly gained the confidence to destroy the rest of the NBA everytime he steps on the floor. The approach for Lebron James in game two will be no different than his approach to any other game. Expect to see a non-stop attack for all four quarters.

Kevin Love

Kevin Love dropped 32 points in game one of the Eastern Conference Finals and knocked down six of his nine three-point shot attempts. A couple of seasons ago, the Love and the Cavs could have possibly won their first NBA title had he not been injured by Celtics forward Kelly Olynyk. Expect Love to continue pulling off his revenge plot against the Boston Celtics in game two as well.

Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals will take place tonight at 8:30 pm Eastern time on TNT.