In an unfortunate turn of events, news has just surfaced that Cleveland Cavaliers center Edy Tavares will be out indefinitely with a fractured right hand. While Tavares has not appeared in a postseason game for the Cavaliers this year, he still is a very vital piece. He suffered the injury during a pickup game before practice at the Cleveland Clinic Courts, while playing with and against other Cavs players who rarely get any game time.

Edy Tavares played just one game for the Cavaliers this season -- the final regular season game of the season against the Toronto Raptors.

He filled the stat sheet with 6 points, 10 rebounds and 6 blocks in 24 minutes of play. This block total was the most since Zydrunas Ilgauskas for the Cavaliers, over a decade ago. So this is most definitely an injury the Cavs did not want to happen, even if Edy is not used in the current playoff run.

No more scrimmages

After this tragic event, Head Coach Tyronn Lue has urged his players that there will be no more scrimmages taking place, although he did mention that his players are "itching to play" after over a week off after closing out their last series. Ty doesn't want to risk any more serious injuries happening, he knows the importance of having a healthy squad, especially in these important times in the postseason.

Coach Lue has decided on a plan to keep his guys engaged and ready for their next series, without any physical basketball being played against one another. Lue said: "You gotta show them new things. I've gotta trick them at times, but they've been pretty locked in."

Kyrie Irving and many of the Cavs players agree with Coach Lue.

While they want nothing more than to compete in a game of basketball right now, they understand the importance of staying healthy going into the Eastern Conference finals. Kyrie mentioned that he is "not for scrimmaging right now until the game" after seeing his teammate suffer this injury, although he is very eager to get back on the court competitively.

Hopefully Edy can return soon

Right now, all the Cleveland Cavaliers players, coaching staff and fans can hope for is a strong recovery for their promising 7 foot 3 big man. His right hand is a very valuable part of his on-court performances, as that hand has blocked a lot of shots and even won him D-league defensive player of the year honors.