It is no secret that the NBA is the home to some of the best players the world has ever seen. There is something to be said when two teams are able to reenact the championship game that was played the year before. When the reenactment has happened for the third time in a row, it becomes a tribute to the hard work each team has been able to demonstrate during their play throughout the recent years. The

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors have become familiar with the faces of the opposing benches in the most recent years. Both teams have been able to venture through their conference to assure their spot in the big dance, the NBA Finals.

Although both teams have a roster that makes achieving this milestone easier for them than others, it would be a major sign of disrespect to not acknowledge the play of both of the organization's sensational point guards.

Kyrie continues to aid the King

The Cleveland Cavaliers would be a different team if they did not have their star player Kyrie Irving. Irving has been able to act as one of the veterans on the Cleveland team that has experienced a lot of success since LeBron's return to Ohio. When NBA fans speak about the play of Kyrie, most will converse about his ability to make plays. Although his assist average of 5.8 assists per game will add evidence to the argument, most of Kyrie's playmaking can only be calculated by the height of the moment.

When the team needs him the most, Kyrie always comes through. This post-season Irving has been able to keep up with his regular season point average.

He has been able to tally up 24.6 points per game, .6 behind his regular season total. Known for being a scoring point guard, it does not shock most fans when Kyrie is able to score from anywhere on the court.

Kyrie Irving's play leaves fans in awe, especially when he drives to the rim and can collect additional points. His ability to gracefully attack the rim is beyond average, and when Kyrie encounters contact, he gets the job dome at the free throw line. His free throw percentage of 90% during the regular season and the post-season proves that Kyrie can find points in abundance.

Steph and the golden shot

Steph Curry could be the heart and soul of the Golden State Warriors. It is hard to tell which one of the Golden players from Golden State will light up the court each night besides Curry, who does it on a regular basis. His three point shot has been dubbed "a cheat code" as Curry can hit the magic shot from considerably anywhere on the hardwood. During the regular season, Curry shot 41% from the arch and decided to turn it up a notch during the postseason.

Curry is currently cooking from three point land. His post-season three point average is 43% which helps him as he has averaged close to 28.6 points per game since the start of playoff basketball. His 50% shooting percentage is only a testament to the true shooting point guard's ability to become a torching hot scorer at any point during the duration of a matchup.

His hands will be full as he guards Kyrie for the third time during the finals. During the last matchup Kyrie was able to get the best of Curry, knocking down clutch game clinching shots while Curry was defending. NBA fans will truly know who the best point guard in the league really is when the NBA champions are announced.