Isaiah Thomas and the Boston Celtics travel to Washington to take on the wizards in game three of the second round.

Game 2 recap

The Celtics came out firing in game two behind Isaiah Thomas' 53 points on his sister's birthday. IT was phenomenal in game two. The Celtics ran sets for him to get shots, he was creating space and accounted for so many points for them in the fourth quarter and overtime. The Wizards battled with them through thick and thin. In a game that seemed like the Wizards had no business winning, they got two good looks to win the game in regulation.

The two teams have some changes to make in game three but game two set a tone that this series is not going to be won easily.

Washington keys

At some point in this series, the Wizards have to hit shots. Primarily Bradley Beal, who can't seem to hit a three pointer consistently. Washington comes into a game three at home that they need to win. This series is on a fine line that if they drop this game three it's all but over. If they can grind it out they have a legit shot still at the comeback. The biggest key for Washington is their urgency and energy on the defensive end. Too many times the Celtics got wide open shots and it came off simple ball movement and coming off screens. The Wizards need to respond and attack Boston and cut off screens, not let them fight through and get to the paint to kick it out.

This series is all about heart and right now Isaiah Thomas has all of it. If the Wizards want to disrupt that, they are going to have to bring a lot more heart to the table.

Boston keys

For Boston, it's all about keeping that rhythm. They did a very nice job in the first two games of playing as a team and finding the open man.

This team has been together now more than ever and it is crucial that they keep that bond tight. The Wizards are going to come at them hard in game three but if they can trust the system and trust each other, they can still pull this game out. Their shooting needs to be at top-notch like it has been as well. Their ability to shoot has been creating so much space for Isaiah Thomas to go to work.

Avery Bradley has come up big, Jae Crowder and Al Horford as well. The Celtics just have to keep doing what they are doing and they will be alright.

This game is a chess match and right now the Celtics are at a huge advantage. Thursday night we'll find out just what the Wizards have in them. We'll find out if they have the fight or if they will just back down to Boston.