The much-awaited WWE shake up has started with some top names appearing on the April 10 edition of WWE Raw. Among the stars spotted included Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose, Mickie James, Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt.

From the looks of it, Raw took in most of the top names from WWE SmackDown. However, team Blue is expected to reveal its group of new faces as well when it kicks off the April 11 show. Some of the Raw stars could still be moving, including the personalities holding on to WWE titles.

Bray Wyatt’s curious case

Bray Wyatt appeared via feed on WWE Raw, seemingly taking aim at Finn Balor.

This could account for a curious storyline seeing how both are backed with some supernatural angle.

But before that goes full blast, the “Eater of Worlds” does have a pending date with WWE SmackDown champion Randy Orton at WWE Payback happening on April 30. With Wyatt’s move, the result of that match holds something of interest to the “Demon King.”

From Universal Champion to Heavyweight title?

Assuming that Wyatt reclaims the title he lost to Orton at Wrestlemania 33, the heavyweight belt could be a prize Balor could be interested in. Though he vowed to win back the Universal title currently held by Brock Lesnar, a title of equal value may have to do.

But other than that, the mind games between Wyatt and Balor will be something to look forward to.

Wyatt has mastered that art while Balor has had his share of getting into the head of his opponents. Could Balor have any part in the WWE Payback match?

Will Brock Lesnar move to SmackDown?

Most of the top stars were in attendance at WWE Raw except for Brock Lesnar and manager Paul Heyman. Last week, Lesnar seemed to be targeting Roman Reigns as his next challenger.

However, Reigns is still in the middle of a WWE storyline with Braun Stowman. Both brawled backstage in what was perhaps one of the most physical and surreal clashes that WWE fans have seen to date.

How about Kevin Owens?

With the Intercontinental title now on Raw, SmackDown needs to get some title in exchange. The Universal title is possible, but that would leave the red brand without a major heavyweight title unless the Bray Wyatt storyline materializes.

Kevin Owens did appear to face Ambrose, initially hinting that he would stay on Raw. But then again, that can only be confirmed once the SmackDown show wraps up.

All three Shield members on Raw?

General manager Kurt Angle assured Seth Rollins that he would be staying on Raw. Stephanie McMahon wanted him moved, but the former Olympian believes otherwise.

Then again, how many times have decisions been overturned? Also, seeing Raw having all former Shield members seems a bit off. Could Seth Rollins move to team Blue? It is a possibility. More twists are expected so make sure you don’t miss the April 11 edition of WWE SmackDown for part 2 of the WWE Shake Up.