Kane has not been seen as of late in the WWE but most believe that the “Big Red Monster” will eventually return at some point. The only question now is when.

He was recently at the Middle East Film & Comic Con (MEFCC) in Dubai and most of the folks over there obviously wanted to know if there was a storyline angle looming. Kane is associated with the Undertaker, someone who recently retired in the ring at Wrestlemania 33.

Will Kane avenge Undertaker loss?

Kane and Undertaker are best known as the “Brother of Destruction,” a tag team that is both deadly and powerful.

With the “Dead Man” calling it quits, the best to expect is him going solo. But who will he target?

To date, he terms a possible return to the WWE as “TBD,” adding that he doesn’t want to ruin any surprises for now. But is he affected by the retirement of the “Undertaker?”

Kane admits that it was inevitable but adds that it is a sad reality. He sees it as a chapter closed for the WWE, something that most fans will concur.

Reeling in the WWE storylines, Kane suddenly targeting Roman Reigns could be possible. Though it lacks the star power, it all depends on how the setting is done to hype Kane vs. Reigns. If ever this is in the plans, it may take some time.

Braun Strowman is still targeting the “Big Dog” and there is the indirect swipe that Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar threw at the April 3 edition of WWE Raw.

With Strowman and Lesnar lined up, Kane coming in may not happen until after that at the least.

Politics may eat his time

Kane is running for mayor of Knox County in Tennessee which means he will be busy campaigning. If he wins, any WWE return could be doused since the “Big Red Machine” will be busy in politics.

If that is the case, a Kane return may not happen this year unless there are some changes ahead.

At 49, Kane is at the point where he could retire though not as hyped compared to other stars he simply vanished from the WWE ramp.

Either way, Kane has options and the wise choice is to take on other things. Seeing that he has been mostly a mid-card star, it may be best for him to focus on movies or politics rather than waste his time waiting for a WWE push.

For the WWE, both Raw and SmackDown seem filled with stars who can carry on without Kane. The "Big Red Monster" could make cameo appearances but only when called upon. Right now, he seems to be doing fine on the side and not in the ring.

In the WWE, anything can happen to both old and new faces. For Kane, it may be time to move on and probably put his WWE character to rest.