Just one night after "WrestleMania 33" the WWE "Monday Night Raw" superstars will be on display for their weekly television program. The three-hour show is likely to include plenty of the fallout and follow-up to the latest sports entertainment extravaganza. Among the major stories will be a few new champions, a return of a popular tag team, and the retirement of a legend. What will take place in Orlando, Florida when the "Raw" show arrives? Here's the latest on the April 3rd, 2017 WWE "Raw" episode and how to watch it live.

Major stories to watch

On Sunday night, several championships changed hands that will affect the "Raw" landscape. Kevin Owens was able to defeat his former "best friend" Chris Jericho to win the United States title. This comes not long after Owens dropped the WWE Universal title to Goldberg at "Fastlane" PPV. Goldberg also lost the title last night when "The Beast" Brock Lesnar finally solved his rival and scored the big win. After multiple suplexes and an F5, Brock is the new Universal Champion. One has to wonder who will step up to challenge the new champions, or if the former title holders will claim their rematches tonight.

In addition to those titles changing hands, the WWE Raw Tag Team belts have brand new owners.

One of Sunday night's biggest stories was the return of The Hardy Boyz. Matt and Jeff sent the fans into a frenzy as they became the fourth tag team entered into the ladder match for Anderson and Gallows' championships. The close saw Jeff hit a huge Swanton Bomb off a tall ladder onto Sheamus and Cesaro, just before Matt climbed a ladder in the ring to grab the title belts.

With that, the Hardyz are back. Will the former champions quickly challenge for a rematch?

The biggest story of the night may not have been the Hardyz, though. In the main event, Roman Reigns had a tough battle against The Undertaker.

Despite big moves from both competitors, Reigns was able to put down Taker after several Superman Punch and Spear tackle combos. Taker would ultimately get up after Reigns had left the scene with the win, but it was what happened next that has fans talking.

The Deadman proceeded to lay his trademark jacket, gloves, and hat in the center of the ring, before leaving the ring to kiss his wife in the front row of the crowd. From there, fans applauded Taker as he rose one arm and then sunk into the ramp to close "Wrestlemania 33." Will Undertaker surface again on tonight's "Raw" to give more insight into his possible decision regarding the ring? What will be next for Roman Reigns after this huge win?

How to watch 'Raw' live

The WWE "Monday Night Raw" show starts at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on Monday evening. Fans can watch episodes of "Raw" and "SmackDown Live" every week using their USA channel on cable or satellite television. In addition, cable and satellite customers may be able to log in and watch live streaming feeds of the show through USA's website or any compatible mobile apps.

A possible way to watch WWE "Raw" live streaming online for free is by signing up for SlingTV. The monthly subscriber-based channel streaming service is available on a one-week free trial. Fans can sign up and choose the Sling Blue package which includes USA among its 40 channels to watch "Raw" and "SmackDown" for the week. See more information at the Sling.com website for how to sign up and use the service.