Adrian Peterson is ready to ramp up the free agency chase for him. The superstar running back has not had many suitors so far a month into his time on the open market, but he is about to visit with a team that already has an embarrassment of riches on offense. Watch out NFL, because the New England Patriots are considering another weapon for their offensive arsenal next season.

Coming in for a visit

On Monday, Peterson is expected to visit the Patriots, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. It won't be the first visit the running back has taken this offseason - he met with the Seattle Seahawks as well.

They went on to sign former Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy to an incentive-laden deal, however, leaving the former Minnesota Vikings star behind in free agency.

After reports of a high initial asking price, Peterson has maintained that money will not be a major factor in where he decides to suit up next season. He is more concerned with where he fits in best, as well as the desire to make it to a conference championship game and Super Bowl for the first time in his career. In terms of that goal, it's hard to find a better fit than the New England Patriots in the NFL.

Running back rumblings

The Patriots could use a power running back like Peterson to fill out their backfield. LeGarrette Blount is still dangling in free agency, but the team doesn't appear to have any interest in bringing him back for another year.

They still have plenty of running backs on the roster, but none have ever come close in their career to matching the caliber of Adrian Peterson.

The team brought in Rex Burkhead to compete for minutes this offseason. They also still have Dion Lewis and Super Bowl hero James White on the roster. The Patriots have been rolling with a running back rotation for years, preferring to focus on the passing game under Tom Brady anyway. Time will tell whether a good visit with Adrian Peterson on Monday will change the offensive identity of the team for the coming season.