The biggest thing that many WWE fans look forward to after "WrestleMania" each year is to see which superstars make their huge WWE debuts on the post-WrestleMania show. This year, there were three big returns and four NXT superstars who made their debut on the main WWE roster. Here is a look at the big debuts and returns after "WrestleMania 33."

NXT debuts after 'WrestleMania'

The first debuts came on "Monday Night Raw" and that was former tag team champions The Revival. The return was a slight surprise but was set up in an old and typical way. The New Day came to the ring and said that they loved to host WrestleMania on Sunday night but they are wrestlers and they want to fight.

They challenged anyone to come out and fight them and The Revival answered the challenge. The Revival then beat The New Day in a dominating fashion and looked like superstars in the match.

The second big NXT debut was done the exact same way the next night on "SmackDown Live." Just like on "Raw," Curt Hawkins came out and challenged anyone in the back to fight and gave them to the count of 10 to come out. That brought out "Perfect 10" Tye Dillinger, who beat Hawkins to a huge standing ovation. Finally, after The Miz cut a great promo making fun of John Cena, he was about to leave when a violinist came out and started playing. That brought out former NXT champion Shinsuke Nakamura, who didn't say a single word but had the fans going nuts.

Other WWE returns this week

On top of the NXT debuts on the main WWE roster, there was also three names that returned from injuries. First, on "Monday Night Raw," The Hardy Boyz came back to "Raw" for the first time in many years to defend the tag team titles that they won at "WrestleMania 33." After that, Finn Balor made his huge WWE return as he teamed with Seth Rollins and pinned Kevin Owens in the main event.

The return on "SmackDown Live" was not as huge, but Erick Rowan made his return from injury and immediately rejoined The Wyatt Family and teamed with Bray Wyatt to battle new WWE world champion Randy Orton and Luke Harper, eating the pin.