Chase Headley is going to win the MVP award. Alright, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration. Still, the new york yankees have to be pleased with the way the third baseman has started off the year. After arguably being the team's best player during Sunday's opener against the Tampa Bay Rays, he was back at it again on Tuesday night, hitting a home run and driving in another run.

Another good game

Last year, it took until mid-May for Headley to record his first home run of the season. It didn't take him nearly as long in 2017, as his seventh at-bat provided the opportunity to hit one over the wall.

He drove a ball straight out to center field, giving him his first home run of the year and putting the Yankees up 4-0 against Tampa Bay in the sixth inning.

He wasn't done yet, though. Two innings later, the Rays applied the shift to Headley, hoping to force a ground out. Earlier, the third baseman had discussed how he considered the shift a "free hit," since he knew how to exploit. Sure enough, he did so in the eighth inning, driving in Jacoby Ellsbury and putting the Yankees up 5-0. Just to show how much he was feeling it, he also stole a base following his RBI single.

Good season a-Headley

Tuesday's performance followed a solid season debut for Headley on Sunday, when he went 3 for 4 with two of the team's runs in a 7-3 Yankees defeat.

The 32-year old was one of the few members of the team to stave off a so-called member of the "Baby Bombers" to retain his starting position at the start of the year; so far, that has proven to be a wise decision from manager Joe Girardi.

A threat could be coming soon, though. Ronald Torreyes, who hit the first home run for the Yankees on the season earlier than Tuesday, is currently starting at shortstop while Didi Gregorius rehabs from an injury suffered during the World Baseball Classic. When he returns, Torreyes could try to give Headley a run for his money at his natural position: third base. For now, the veteran's play should keep him entrenched safely in the lineup.