For the last year, WWE Hall of Fame star Jim Ross said that he felt that Bray Wyatt could be one of the biggest good guys in the WWE. However, while fans love his entrance, Wyatt is one of the best bad guys in wrestling. Despite that, after Bray won the WWE world title at "Elimination Chamber" in February, the company has booked Randy Orton to look evil -- even more so than Wyatt, something that troubles another WWE Hall of Fame star in Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

Bray Wyatt as the Face of Fear

When Bray Wyatt made his debut in the WWE, he led a stable called The Wyatt Family that included two followers in Erick Rowan and Luke Harper.

They ran over anyone who got in their way and were one of the few units to actually give The Shield problems at the time. Over the years, The Wyatt Family added Braun Strowman but then lost everyone after the WWE brand split. Luke Harper found his way back and, shockingly, 12-time world champion Randy Orton joined as well. The thing with Orton is that he brought Wyatt the most success -- his first title came when they won the tag team belts on "SmackDown Live." Then, Bray won the WWE world title this year. However, something strange happened. Originally, Orton said he didn't want to wrestle Bray for the title, despite winning the Royal Rumble, but then came out and made his intentions clear when he desecrated the home of Bray Wyatt.

Bray Wyatt as the WWE champion

With Bray Wyatt the new WWE champion and Randy Orton doing what seems like the work of a heel, it puts Bray in a strange position in the company. With Orton burning up Wyatt's barn and allegedly burning the bones of the magical Sister Abigail, Randy seems to be the most evil character in this feud.

According to Roberts, the problems come because a lot of people are cheering for Bray, who is supposed to be the heel on "SmackDown Live." Jake said that what Bray needs to do is something truly evil and despicable, something that is nasty and crude and wrong and will turn all the fans against him. If Bray Wyatt is supposed to be a face in the WWE, Jake believes that they will pull him away from the character that made him so successful.