The Big Show said on Sam Roberts podcast this week that he is retiring from the WWE within the next year and that “WrestleMania 33” was his final match at the big event. This year at “WrestleMania,” Big Show was supposed to fight Shaquille O’Neal but that fell through so his final big match was just a spot in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. If that really was the last "WrestleMania" match of his career, that has to be a disappointment for fans of the best giant in professional wrestling since Andre the Giant retired. However, Big Show says he is not disappointed with his final match at “WrestleMania” and feels he has accomplished a lot over his career in the WWE.

The Big Show and his lost WWE match with Shaquille O’Neal

The entire match with Shaquille O’Neal was set up at last year’s “WrestleMania” and they were the first match announced by the WWE for this year’s big card. The two even had a staged confrontation at the ESPY Awards on ESPN to set up the big match. Big Show had lost almost 100 pounds and was in the best shape of his career for the match but then everything started to fall apart. Show mentioned something about it a few months back when he said that he was taking this seriously and if Shaq wasn’t then he needed to not show up. According to Show, there might have been other commitments but there might also be the fact that he knew he wasn’t in the shape he needed to be to perform in front over close to 80,000 fans.

Bug Show basically said that Shaq wasn’t prepared for the match when “WrestleMania 33” came around.

What is left for Big Show in the WWE?

The WWE contract for Big Show expires next February and he says that it’s not a bummer because he has had his fantastic moments in the professional wrestling industry. Show said that he has worked with just about anyone and everyone in the business and has seen a great new group of wrestlers coming in.

Show also said that he is still in the best shape of his career. Where he used to weigh 450 pounds, he now weighs 370 and said that he thinks even Mark Henry weighs more than him now. He said that it doesn’t make him faster in the ring but it does mean he can go as long as he is needed in the ring. Sadly, his last “WrestleMania” saw him in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and he was eliminated without much excitement so there hopefully will be another chance for Big Show to do something big in the WWE one more time before he finally hangs up his boots and retires.