Nikki Bella said in a recent radio interview that she is not retiring from the WWE. There were a lot of rumors going around the WWE heading into the "WrestleMania 33" that pitted John Cena and Nikki Bella against The Miz and Maryse. The first rumor was that, as soon as the match was over with, Cena would propose to Bella and then take off the next two months to shoot a movie. The second rumor was that Nikki Bella would retire from active wrestling in the WWE.

Nikki Bella on retirement from the WWE

Nikki Bella did say after "WrestleMania 33" that she was going to take some time off from the WWE now that the big event is over with.

The reason that many believed that Bella was retiring was because of continuous damage to her neck. The week of "WrestleMania," Bella had to go to the hospital and the WWE had to get a release for her to wrestle at all. Now that the event is over with, Nikki is not going to be around the WWE for awhile, and despite what she says, Bella is not likely to ever be a full-time star in the ring again. According to Bella, the WWE is her home - much like it is the home of her fiance John Cena. However, she said that she will never say the word retirement and she will return from this time off after allowing her injuries to heal. Nikki said that she will be back in a WWE ring one day and believes that she will be in the ring with Brie Bella as well.

At the moment, Brie is pregnant with the first child for her and husband Daniel Bryan.

Nikki Bella and John Cena

The worst kept secret from "WrestleMania 33" was John Cena proposing to Nikki Bella inside the WWE ring. While some pointed to Cena always saying he would never get married again as a reason for doubt, the fact that The Miz used the fact that Cena always said that as a way to make fun of Nikki leading into the match.

As much as The Miz made fun of them, it was clear that the rumors of the proposal were going to come true. Now that "WrestleMania" is over with, John Cena has taken off to shoot his next movie, "The Pact," and he won't be back in a WWE ring for two months. Cena is now a part-time star and if he is taking all this time off there is a good chance that Nikki Bella will follow suit and become a part-time women's star as well.

There are also rumors that both Nikki and John will end up drafted to "Monday Night Raw," where their absences can be covered up by a plethora of talent, whereas their absence on "SmackDown Live" was always more pronounced. However, Nikki Bella said not to worry because she will be back.