When Kurt Angle last wrestled in the WWE, Triple H was a contemporary and the two men were competing for world titles at the same time. However, that was over a decade ago and now Kurt Angle is headed to the WWE Hall of Fame while Triple H is one of the men in charge of running the WWE. When asked about the chances of Angle wrestling again, Triple H said there is a lot that Kurt need to prove first.

Triple H talks Kurt Angle

In the interview, with was on the ESPN "Cheap Heat" podcast, Triple H said that he remembered when Kurt Angle first came into the WWE.

Triple H had already been there a while and had wrestled before that in WCW and he said that it was clear that Kurt was "green" and needed work but he picked it up quickly and was a natural in the ring. When it comes to the personality of playing a character in the WWE, Triple H said that was the hardest thing for amateur wrestlers to catch onto. He said that Kurt caught onto that faster than anyone he had ever seen in the business and was amazing how good he was so early on. It was clear why Kurt Angle is a legitimate WWE Hall of Fame superstar, even if he did get into the Hall a few years later than many expected.

Will Kurt Angle ever wrestle in the WWE again?

The question here is not really whether or not Kurt Angle can wrestle again.

He never stopped wrestling. When Angle left the WWE, he went to TNA Impact Wrestling and won multiple world titles there. He is also in their Hall of Fame as well. Since leaving Impact Wrestling, Angle has continued to wrestle occasionally on the indie scene, including matches against former WWE superstar Cody Rhodes. However, Triple H said that there are a number of things that Kurt has to do to wrestle in the WWE again after his WWE Hall of Fame induction.

He said that there has been a lot of baggage and time under the table and the two sides need to wait to see how things go first. Triple H did say that Kurt would have to go through a lot of physical requirements if he ever wanted to wrestle again in the WWE but to never say never.