There is a lot of panic in the Land right now after a poor month of March for the Cleveland Cavaliers, who went 7-10. The defensive woes have been evident, which is the most troubling area for the Cavs right now. With the playoffs less than two weeks away, it’s understandable for Cleveland fans to worry about their slumping team.

However, no matter how poorly the Cavaliers have played recently, they should still be considered the favorites in the East. They may have fallen behind the Boston Celtics in the standings, but they are still the best team in the East for many reasons.

LeBron James playoff mode

Usually, when the playoffs come around, LeBron James turns into a different animal. Typically, James loves coasting through the season and taking many rests (of course), but when the playoffs approach, he increases his level of play. Essentially, James simply becomes more aggressive on both ends of the floor.

Kyrie Irving too clutch

Alongside James is his highly trusted comrade, Kyrie Irving, who sunk many clutch buckets for the Cavaliers, including a dagger three-pointer in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Irving has quietly had himself a solid year, and he usually comes up big during pressure moments. If the Cavaliers are in deep trouble, Irving has the ability to rescue them.

He has become a dependable Robin to LeBron’s Batman.

No one in the East has enough star power

Even though the Celtics are currently thriving behind Isaiah Thomas’ brilliance, they just don’t have enough superstars to compete against the Cavaliers. All-Star players win games, but superstars win championships. When the post-season arrives, Cleveland’s superstars will eventually overpower the rest of the East.

Defensive intensity will rise

Anyone who watches the Cavaliers may notice the defense has been sub-par because they just don’t seem inspired enough. Of course, the playoffs will rile them up. I feel like Cleveland has been lackluster on defense because they haven’t played hard enough. That will all change in the playoffs, no doubt about it.