Throughout the final few weeks of the 2016-17 NBA regular season, the focus in the Eastern Conference has very much been about who will finish with the number one seed. After Cleveland and Boston traded spots a few times, the Cavs sent a message and defeated the Celtics in dominating fashion at the TD garden on Wednesday. The Celtics took this loss hard, as they fell short of victory in a couple of other games following it. At this point the Cavaliers had the number one seed all but locked up, with a 2 game lead over the C's with 4 games left in the season.

But an incredible turn of events went down, as LeBron's army went on to lose their next two games. Along with that, Isaiah Thomas recently led his team to a victory over the Hornets, and just like that, these two teams are tied for first place in the East once again. As the season winds down for both teams, they both will be eyeing that top spot, here's how they can do it.

How the Cavaliers can do it

With two games left in the season for the Cleveland Cavaliers, at Miami Heat on Monday and vs. the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday, which will be the final day of the regular season. All the Cavaliers need to do is to grab a victory in both of those games, and they may be tied with the Celtics but they win the tiebreaker because of their winning record over the C's this season.

Winning their next 2 games shouldn't be a tall task for the defending champions, but it may be just that.

Coach Tyronn Lue has always stressed the idea of resting his star players, already doing it in various games this season. With two games left in the season, he might look to sit the big 3 in two or one of the remaining games, although Lue has stated that he plans on winning two games to capture the first seed before resting anyone.

But that idea goes straight out the window, because at this point, Cleveland only has two games to get their act together. A tricky situation for Coach Lue: Does he rest players for the postseason but risk losing a game, and possibly losing their number one seed, or does Coach Lue play the big 3 in the final two games, giving them a better chance at winning and keeping the first seed, but risk tired legs when the playoffs come?

How the Celtics can do it

Well, the triumph of the top seed may be a little harder for Boston to conquer as they will be hoping for a Cavaliers loss before the season ends to give themselves a chance. Similarly, they also have two games left in the season, those being against the Brooklyn Nets on Monday and on Wednesday against the Milwaukee Bucks.

In order for the C's to obtain the first seed, they will have no room for error. They need to win both their remaining games on the season, unless the Cavs do the unthinkable and lose both their remaining matches. In that case, Brad Stevens' club can win just one game to secure the first spot. But in all likelihood, they will be hoping for a W in the final two games if they want any chance at the prized spot at the top, and Boston fans will be keeping an eye on the Cavs, hoping for a loss.