Miami Heat lost another important game last night as the Toronto Raptors beat them in Canada. The Heat played awful basketball in the first half, but they bounced back in the last 24 minutes. However, it wasn't enough as the constant foul trouble, and a few missed calls by the referees were too much, and it caused Miami to fall to the ninth spot in the East, with a game behind the last playoff seed.

Considering they only have three more games left to play, the Miami Heat are in a tough position, and it is not very likely they will make the playoffs.

The Heat recently lost some easy games at home as they failed to take advantage of weak opponents and secure a playoff spot. Now, they have three more playoff teams left on the schedule, and although it is not impossible, it will be tough for Miami to reclaim the eighth seed in the conference.

Comeback against Toronto was not successful

Miami Heat played awful basketball against the Toronto Raptors last night, and it seemed they would get blown out. However, after going down by as many as 18 points, the Heat bounced back and put up a great fight in the second half. In the final minutes of the game, Miami managed to tie the score and give themselves an excellent opportunity to beat the Raptors in a crucial game.

Unfortunately, they couldn't complete their comeback as they ran out of gas, allowing Toronto to score too many points and win the game.

This win helped the Raptors get to the third seed with a 0.5-game advantage over the fourth-seeded Washington Wizards. On the other side, the Heat stayed in the ninth spot, and they are now one game behind the Indiana Pacers.

Tough schedule could be too much for the Miami Heat

The Heat have three more games left in the regular season, and all three of them are against playoff teams. They will travel to Washington DC to play against the Wizards tonight, and their final game will also be against the Wizards in Miami. The third game they have to play is against defending NBA champions, Cleveland Cavaliers.

Both the Wizards and the Cavaliers need to win their remaining games in order to get a better position in the playoffs, so the Heat will have three tough games to finish the season with.

Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls, who are both one game ahead of the Miami Heat, will have easy schedules and are expected to win all of their games. The Bulls will play against the worst team in the league twice, while the Pacers only have one playoff team left in their last three games. Things are slowly getting out of hand for the Heat, and their destiny could be decided tonight.