The United States Cricket Association has turned down an Icc proposed structure which warrants an independent chairperson on the Board for the first three years by a person who had any administrative role in cricket administration following constitutional reforms.

US Cricket Association defiant

In a string of tweets, the US Cricket Association has announced that its members have turned down a proposal by ICC and instead called for the approval of another revised constitution which will allow the present executive board and president Gladstone Dainty to complete a three-year term.

In a scathing remark, the US association also accused the ICC of not trusting the US cricketing community and acting in a blatantly undemocratic manner.

Expulsion could be inevitable

However the journey will not be smooth, and if the motion gets along, removal of the US Cricket Association by the ICC is inevitable. The present President can then continue till an amicable solution which is acceptable to all is reached. The US Cricket Association which is presently serving a suspension was given a list of 39 preconditions for its suspension to be revoked and ratifying the new constitution was one of the prerequisites. The Association is already facing a risk of expulsion since the ICC had given a deadline of 1st April to fulfill the above obligations.

The ICC which is the supreme governing body of world cricket has drawn dates for new election to be held in September and the new board to be in place by October 2017. However, the US Association guidelines need to conduct elections and put a new board, not before February 2018.

List of members dubious

45 members had participated in the Special General Meeting vote.

However, the list of the members which included American Cricket Academy & Club as well as USA Global Cricket Academy was announced only two days before the meeting clearly hinting that the members were under pressure to oppose the ICC rules and constitution. Many big clubs which were included in the earlier list were absent this year.

Last year, the legends of cricket Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne, the magician legspinner of Australia played with each others team in the US.

With the Indian Premier League going on in full swing, there are chances that the players from the US could also be inducted into certain franchisees provided they qualify for the t20 format and adhere to the rigorous rounds of the IPL.