This is the news all boxing and heck even MMA fans around the world have been waiting for. There has been much talk about this proposed Fight between Conor "Notorious" McGregor and Floyd "Money" Mayweather over the past year, but nothing was finalized, nothing was set in stone. But now there are reliable reports, that there has been an agreement reached between both the parties. This will likely be announced officially, early next week. Most sources state that the fight will happen on Saturday the 16th of September, and it will indeed be a boxing match, rather than the suggested MMA match some wanted.

Some say this may play into the advantage of boxing superstar, Floyd Mayweather. Others say that Conor will be up to the task, as he has already shown his boxing skills in the MMA, knocking out many opponents with that strong left hand. But will Mayweather's knowledge of the game be too much for McGregor? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Will there be rust?

This fight will happen roughly 10 months after Conor McGregor's last fight and over a year since Floyd's last. While we can confirm that these two guys train hard every single day, there could be a factor of rust or being out of form when this fight happens without a match recently before it. Conor McGregor has prided himself on being one of the most active fighters in the UFC, but after his win over Eddie Alvarez, he took a break.

This break has been further extended though, due to the time it has taken for this Floyd-Conor battle to be finalized. This could make for a more or less 'boring' fight if the fighters are off their game. But what we can guarantee is, whether the fight is boring or not, everyone will be watching it.


Floyd Mayweather has an outstanding record of 49-0 for his career.

This is attributed to his brilliant strategical boxing style, allowing himself to win a lot of points and often win by decision. But his fists are not to be ignored, they have knocked out several opponents along the way also. Winning 49 contests isn't easy, especially against the likes of Manny Pacquaio, Jose Luis Castillo, Marcos Maidana, Oscar De La Hoya, Zab Judah and many more.

But some say this might be Floyd's toughest opponent yet. Conor has taken over the UFC both in performances and in the media's spotlight. He has dominated opponents with his boxing skills, something he is looking to do against the much older Money Mayweather. But others will tell you that this is Floyd's easiest opponent ever, due to Conor's inexperience of a boxing match and lack of knowledge on the sport. Either way, it should be a great fight, something the sporting world has been looking forward to.