Skip Bayless has always been known as one of LeBron's biggest critics, a man that seems to find a way to diminish LeBron in any way possible. So it's no surprise the sports television personality has some negative things to say about the Cleveland Cavaliers 109-108 victory over the Indiana Pacers.

If you have ever watched Skip Bayless talk about NBA basketball, the likelihood is that you've heard him discuss the topic of one LeBron James. And in the most important time of the basketball season, the playoffs, Bayless certainly isn't shy about letting his thoughts be known.

Skip Bayless talks about Cavs-Pacers game one

Skip Bayless went on a Twitter rampage on Saturday night, discussing the Cavaliers vs Pacers first playoff game. He criticized the Cavs and Pacers defense, referring to the Cavaliers as "Clevelan (no-D)" and stating the Pacers are an even worse defensive team. He also sarcastically congratulated LeBron James on not attempting a three pointer in the first half calling him the "worst playoff 3pt shooter in history" although Skip had no statistical evidence to prove that theory. And what did LeBron do? Came out in the second half and knocked down two straight three pointers. But through all these critical tweets, one stands out as he totally downgrades the Cavs as a team, blaming the refs for their success.

This is quite a debatable tweet considering there was a lot of calls throughout the game that didn't favor the Cavs. Many believe Undisputed's own is going overboard with this tweet, and it's not hard to see why.

Using the refs as an excuse for the Cleveland Cavalier's unmatched success in the Eastern Conference is delusional, considering the brilliant performances the Cavs big three show on a nightly basis.

Paul George should've taken the last shot?

There has been a lot of media speculation after game one for the final possession of the game.

A possession where Pacers's superstar Paul George had the ball, and passed it to teammate C.J. Miles for the final shot after he got double teammed. Many are speculating over the idea that PG13 should've attacked before the double team or received a pass back from Miles and taken the shot. One of those believers is Skip Bayless.

In this tweet, Skip managed to lay criticism on LeBron while questioning PG's crunch time decision. Many fans are on the side of LeBron, after the game the King had nothing bad to say about George passing the ball.

He attributed his pass to making the correct basketball play. But it seems, according to Skip Bayless, you should never pass in the clutch if you are the star player. A contested shot with two players on you is the best option. But at the end of the day, it was an exciting game to watch, and has all of us antsy for the next game in the series.