Brad Stevens has done an outstanding job at coaching the Boston Celtics this season, leading them to the best record in the Eastern Conference. Finishing the season with a record of 53-29, his group of men were able to edge out Tyronn Lue's Cleveland Cavaliers in the fight for the top seed. For most of the season, the Cavaliers stayed above all others in the Eastern Conference standings, but a late push, and a rough patch for Cleveland was able to put Boston in the drivers seat.

As Stevens looked towards the final regular season game against the Milwaukee Bucks, he talked with reporters.

He started to focus his mind on the playoffs coming up, he talked about the Cavaliers and how they're at the top in the East, and everyone else is trying to take them down. While Brad sure has confidence in his team and their capabilities, he doesn't shy away from admitting the truth on the level of play that the Cavaliers have shown in recent years.

Brad Stevens talks about the Cleveland Cavaliers

Heading into the compelling 2017 playoffs, Brad Stevens talked about the Team To Beat, the Cleveland Cavaliers. Saying:

"Cleveland is the team to beat, there's no question about that. They deserve that. They've been to back-to-back Finals and so until somebody knocks them off, as a defending champion, I think that's a fair way to view things."

As a well respected coach, Stevens stays humble when discussing the situation.

He knows where his team stands, and he knows that the Cavs are that obstacle in the C's way. An obstacle that they will need to surpass if they have any hopes of holding the illustrious Larry O'Brien trophy in late June. Brad also mentioned the importance of not getting too high or too low about situations during a season, there will be lots of tricky situations that the team will need to conquer.

A tricky situation is defiantly that of the Cavaliers, and Stevens knows it won't be a simple task defeating them in a playoff series.

Do Boston stand a chance against the Cavaliers?

A lot of fans have already predicted the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers to meet eachother in the Eastern Conference finals this year. But both teams need to prove themselves worthy before we can even think about it happening.

The Cavaliers will play the Indiana Pacers in the first round, while the Celtics will play the Chicago Bulls. Both opponents of the two Eastern Conference powerhouses are very dangerous, and not to be toyed with. So don't be surprised if an upset ensues in the first or second round of the playoffs, preventing a Boston-Cleveland matchup. But in all likelihood, the matchup should happen.

The Cavs met with the C's in the first round of the 2015 playoffs just two years ago. The Cavs swept them 4-0, making a statement. While the rosters were remotely similar during that time, a lot has changed, especially for the Celtics. Boston have improved as a team, and as players. While Cleveland has held a trophy since that time. So if we do see them matchup again, don't expect the series to go quite the way it did back in 2015.