Game five between the Rockets and Thunder lived up to the hype, giving us a game with many momentum swings, and awesome shots. The Thunder were in a 3-1 hole and needed to win this game to keep their playoff lives on life support. The Thunder struggled when Russell Westbrook was on the bench, and it allowed the Rockets to come back. The Rockets eventually beat the Thunder 105-95, eliminating the Thunder.

The bigger story was the exchange between Westbrook and Rockets guard Patrick Beverley in the fourth quarter. They have a rather sketchy history as opponents so this was must watch TV.

They both talked about the situation at their Press Conferences.

Heated Rivalry

Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley have had a very colorful history as opponents. Patrick Beverley was defending Westbrook when he hurt his knee in the playoffs a few years ago, doing what he does best by playing hard defense. Westbrook and Beverley are must-see TV whenever they are one-on-one, usually getting involved in choice words and maybe even a pushing and shoving match. In game five tonight it was no different.

In the fourth quarter, Westbrook was calling for the ball while being guarded by Beverley. Beverley's pesky defense caused a turnover and Russell Westbrook fouled him. It looked like a frustration foul from Westbrook, as the Thunder were currently down and losing momentum in the game.

While they walked down the court, both Beverley and Westbrook both exchanged some words with each other. They got in each other's faces and had to be separated. They both were given technical fouls after the exchange. Both players are the emotional leaders for their team, and in playoff basketball, things like this are bound to happen, especially if it's between two guys with a history like this.

Press Conference Wars

After the game, Beverley and Westbrook both were asked about their exchange on the court and they both gave some quotable content.

According to Patrick Beverley, Rusell Westbrook said "No one can guard me. I got 40 points" Beverley replied with "That's nice. It took 34 shots to get it." per USA Today For the Win

Beverley was exactly right, as Westbrook took 34 shots to get his game-high 47 points.

Russell shot 15-34, which is below 50 percent. Beverley has been great when defending Westbrook, but getting 47 dropped on your head is still not something to shrug off being a defender.

Westbrook gave his side of the on-court conversation, and Westbrook gave his usual savage response. It's to a point now that Westbrook seems to be a savage 24/7, not holding anything back when answering questions.

According to Westbrook, "He was talkin' bout he was first team all-defense. ...I had 42 at the time. ...Maybe he was dreaming or some s--t." per USA Today For the Win.

Westbrook has a point, as having what was 42 points at the time dropped on you doesn't scream All-NBA defensive team. Beverley is a good defender, but maybe he should've put more effort into stopping Westbrook, as he averaged 37 points in that series.

Westbrook and Beverley had no love lost, and it was apparent in this series. The series had it's back and forth moments, giving us viewers quality TV to watch. In the end, the Rockets had more talent than the Thunder and completed the gentleman's sweep. The Rockets will be waiting for the winner of the Grizzlies and Spurs series. As for Russell Westbrook, this caps off a historical season that came up short due to a lack of talent around him.