With the continued drama surrounding Kirk Cousins and whether or not he will be a member of the Washington Redskins much longer, it's time for the Redskins to get rather creative in this year's draft. While drafting a quarterback in the first round would be borderline insane for a team that hasn't admitted it has to start over, a dark horse candidate isn't nearly as crazy.

Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes is one such quarterback, who has been getting attention from a number of teams, thanks to his big arm and still untapped potential. After several years of putting up some big numbers, Mahomes is still one of those prospects the average NFL fan might be overlooking.

The Redskins should not.

Full rebuild incoming?

if Washington does indeed trade Cousins, the team is likely going to be going through a full rebuild. There are certainly the pieces available to cut down on just how long this rebuild will take. At the same time, there are plenty of holes in the roster.

Running back is just one of the spots that needs an influx of talent and that should likely be where the team looks for its first round pick. If the team can get a very good quarterback who could be the quarterback of the future in the 2n or 3rd round, then it should indeed look to nab someone.

Even if the Redskins don't lose Cousins before the 2017 season, they are more than likely going to lose him after the 2017.

Patrick Mahomes appears to be someone who could watch and learn and study. And perhaps step into the starter's shoes in 2018.

Mahomes has the talent the Washington Redskins need

Make no mistake about it, the Redskins are not the only team that is looking at Mahomes. The Chicago Bears could be the biggest challenge when it comes to grabbing Mahomes off the board.

While Chicago claims they think Mike Glennon is their quarterback of the future and the present, you might see them hedge their bets, just in case he does end up looking like the guy who lost his job to Josh Freeman.

Mahomes' numbers certainly seem attractive, having throw 93 touchdown passes to just 29 interceptions. Add in the more than 11,000 yards he managed to amass and it's no surprise why he's being looked at, despite the fact that Texas Tech has hardly been one of the best teams in the Big 12 the last few years.

The scouting report on Mahomes says he has a big arm, something Cousins lacks. He's also got enough accuracy that he completed over 63 percent of his passes. If the Washington Redskins can grab him later in the draft, he could be a franchise level steal.