LeBron James has been breaking records and achieving milestones since he set foot in the National Basketball Association and this season is no different. LeBron has made his way up the all time scoring, assists, rebounds, steals, blocks, field goals and three pointers made lists during the 2016-17 campaign. It seems that every game LeBron plays, he achieves another milestone or breaks another record. At this current point in time, King James ranks in 7th place on the all time scoring list, 71st on the all time rebounding list, 12th on the all time assists list, 20th on the all time steals list and 127th on the all time blocks list.

While also being at a high status on the field goal leaderboards, being 13th all time in field goals made and 26th in three pointers made.

And that's just for the regular season. LeBron is even more dominant in the record books and on the all time lists during the postseason. But when he is reminded of this record breaking success, LeBron stays humble.

LeBron James isn't focusing on breaking records

While for most players, breaking records would be something to desire and brag about, but it's totally different for LeBron James. The king is too focused on winning games and rallying his team together to be focusing on his individual accolades.

LeBron stated:

"I don't care about records man. If it happens throughout the course of my journey then I'm well appreciative of it, but I don't go into games or go into series' talking bout 'let's break records', that's not what I'm about." "I'm about winning games and that's all that matters"

That was the reply the King had for a question regarding his record setting 21st consecutive first round game victory.

But in the playoffs, LeBron's focus is so heavily on winning games and keying in on the matchup at hand, that when milestones are achieved on the path, he really doesn't hold them to a high value in his thoughts. There are bigger and better things to focus on, and that focus is a huge reason LeBron has been able to head to the Finals for 6 straight years.

The obsession with winning that LBJ possesses is matched by very few ever in NBA history.

More records are on the way

LeBron James may not focus his attention on records, but he is for sure on pace to keep breaking them. The man from Akron is on a historic pace to become the all time leader in playoff scoring and steals this year, while also climbing other statistical lists on his journey.

LeBron will join company matched with nobody else in history when he blocks 17 more shots in the postseason. The King will become the first and only player in NBA history to be in the top 20 for career playoff points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks. Arguably solidifying LeBron James as the single greatest all around player, in NBA history.