Marshawn Lynch has been retired for a year and has made it known that he is willing to come out of retirement to possibly play for the Oakland Raiders. Lynch is still considered one of the best since he retired early from the sport and had told the press that he would love to play for his hometown Oakland.

On the other hand, Adrian Peterson, who is still in the NFL, is a free agent and many teams are seeking him to be their starting running back. Peterson has addressed the fact that he would love to play for the Oakland Raiders since the Silver and Black lost their starting running back to Peterson's former team, the Minnesota Vikings.

Despite wanting to play for the Raiders, Peterson has made it clear that he will come with a hefty price. The Raiders have started to target Lynch over Peterson. According to Eddie Borsilli of SiriusXM NFL Radio. Was it because of the price tag Peterson carries?

Acquiring Marshawn Lynch

It would be ideal to take a healthy running back over one who has come off a knee injury. Marshawn Lynch has had a year's rest and is still top notch. While Peterson is still one of the best, he did only play three games last season due to a bad knee injury. Lynch wins with the fresh legs out of two running backs that not so young.

Also, Lynch is an Oakland native and has expressed his desire to play for the Raiders.

The only thing is that he is still owned by the Seattle Seahawks if he were to come out of retirement. The Raiders would have to make a trade or convince the Seahawks to release Lynch. The Seahawks releasing Lynch for nothing is not a possibility that cannot be predicted.

Acquiring Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson was trying to work out a deal with the New England Patriots, which was making his price go up.

However, other teams seem to be bidding for him as well. With the Patriots most likely turning down the deal, since Peterson left New England without a contract, reported earlier today, his price might go down and could make it easier to acquire him.

Still, the Raiders will have to bargain for him, and the price could still get out of hand.

However, they would not have to trade for him and would strictly be a free agent signing, making it a lot easier than taking Seattle into releasing Lynch.

In the end, Peterson is the top choice for the Oakland Raiders to have as a starting running back, but so would Marshawn Lynch. According to SiriusXM, the Raiders are targeting Lynch over Peterson. Who will get the sign? Maybe both will not get signed by the Silver and Black, but it is interesting to known that the Raiders have a tough choice to make.