The Cleveland Browns have everything to gain and lose depending on how they play their cards for the 2017 NFL Draft. The Browns are aching to get a quarterback and if their stubborn nature persists, they may force the issue with an unknown.

The 2017 NFL Draft does not offer a standout name when it comes to the quality quarterback. Mitchell Trubisky could be the closest to that but would it be worth the risk? Aside from that, would it be wise for Hue Jackson to pass on the best available pass rusher in Myles Garrett?

49ers keeping tabs

If the Browns do pass on Myles Garrett, one team that stands to benefit are the San Francisco 49ers.

Like the Browns, the 49ers are also in rebuild mode.

However, new head coach Kyle Shanahan and general manager John Lynch have broader options. Their search is not limited to a quarterback in the draft, likely because there are no big names compared to last year. Hence, Shanahan and Lynch could eventually turn to the free agent market instead and sign a short-term player to call the plays for the coming NFL season.

Garret, who recently vowed to sack the eventual quarterback for the Browns if he is passed up, is too good a player to pass up. He is the one coveted by most so seeing Cleveland pass up that chance would be crazy.

Browns could dangle top pick for trade

If the Browns place more emphasis on getting a quarterback, an alternative resort would be to get one via trade.

Jimmy Garoppolo could be a target and dangle the top pick to the New England Patriots could be interesting for Bill Belichick to consider.

Other teams could be in play too though Garoppolo is the hot name swirling these days. Regardless, would this be a feasible move for the Browns? A lot of that will depend on the outlook of the team and which position they plan to focus on first.

Assuming Garrett get selected at no. 1 by the Browns, they could re-assess the situation from there. Rather than gamble on unknown quarterbacks, Cleveland would at least have one of their future foundations on board. They could opt for veterans like Colin Kaepernick or Jay Cutler, both of whom they can sign for at least one season but at reasonable price.

This scenario holds true for the 49ers as well. Getting the pass rusher would be like hitting the jackpot for San Francisco. So now, there are two teams possibly in play for the Texas A&M star. It may be a crazy rumor right now but could be a reality if the unthinkable does happen on April 27 – the day when the 2017 NFL Draft gets underway.