The Cleveland Browns continue to ponder on their options for the coming 2017 NFL Draft. The simple decision here is to select Myles Garrett, someone who is moving heaven and earth to become this year’s to pick.

With no quarterback worthy to be selected over the former Texas A&M star, Hue Jackson would be foolish to pass up on him unless they end up trading that privilege. As of this writing, the Browns are holding on to that selection.

New England Patriots firm on keeping Jimmy Garoppolo

Skimming the NFL teams and their backup quarterbacks, the logical target would be Jimmy Garoppolo.

With Tom Brady still looking to play more years, keeping the 25-year-old may not make sense to most.

Garoppolo filled in perfectly for Brady when the 39-year-old served his four-game suspension in relation to the celebrated “Deflategate” scandal. After that, he took a step back and allowed Brady to pick up from where he left off.

There are several teams who have expressed interest in Garoppolo aside from the Browns. The San Francisco 49ers and the Houston Texans are in search of a quarterback, but the Pats are not biting. The only way Garoppolo was moving is if any team could dangle four first-round picks according to ESPN.

That dish is next to saying that they are not interested in dealing Garoppolo despite the growing interest.

Despite Brady’s claim that he will play until his mid-40s, he is insurance to make sure that Pats stay competitive and transition smoothly.

Only Jimmy Garoppolo can change the scenario

Looking ahead, the only way Jimmy Garoppolo can move to another team is if he asks the Pats for a trade or a release. In 2017, he is due to sign an extension as he enters the final year of his rookie contract.

Multiple scenarios can happen at that time, including a possible departure from New England. Hence, interested teams could opt to stave off interest in getting Garoppolo for now and make do with other quarterbacks.

There are names like Colin Kaepernick and Jay Cutler who could fill in the quarterback vacancy if teams are interested.

No team has come close to that, and the logic could be because of the 2017 NFL Draft.

As mentioned earlier, there is no standout player at that position available. DeShone Kizer could be an attractive recruit though not that stellar to turn things around for the faltering teams.

The worst case scenario could see the Browns, Texans, and 49ers improvising at the position for the coming season. The reality of it all is that no proven quarterback is easily within reach meaning most will have to gamble and hope it turns out well.