For years many NBA fans, Chicago Bulls in particular, had a mental image of him as he was in his 2010-11MVP season. He was a slashing; acrobatic high flyer who scored bunches of points and with charisma. That has changed considerably since he blew out his left knee in the 2012 playoffs.

'Let me hear your body talk'

Since then, Rose has come back from several serious knee injuries, but his attitude has raised eyebrows. When Rose refused to come back after he was medically cleared to return, many Bulls fans were turned off. Rose’s personal mantra of, “I’ve got to listen to my body” became tiresome to Bulls fans.

It seemed like Derrick’s body often conflicted with what doctors said.

Traveling shoe salesman?

Rose also became extraordinarily interested in his free agency, even when he was under contract to the Bulls for two more years. He seemed unwilling to go all out on the court for fear it would cost him a big free agency payday. Considering the contract he signed with the Bulls, plus his approximately 200 million dollar shoe deal with Adidas, it would seem that fear of injury shouldn’t have restricted Rose’s ability to play hard. Rose was a cross between Michael Jordan and Al Bundy. Not a good look.

'Taking care of business'

On one occasion Rose said that he wanted to be able to go to business meetings without a limp after his playing days.

If that was a big concern of his, maybe he shouldn’t have taken money to play Basketball. Apparently, Derrick doesn’t realize whatever business meetings he may have in the future will be based, primarily, on his basketball accomplishments.

'On the road again'

I’m primarily a Chicago sports fan, and as such, I can say I’ve never been happier to see an athlete leave Chicago than I was to see Rose go.

Part of that irritation was based on the way Derrick led the Bulls front office around by the nose for years. The Bulls owed him so much money they seemed afraid to call him out. And he, for his part, clowned them all the way to the bank. Fortunately, the cavalry came.

'Rescue me'

Just when it seemed impossible to move Rose, the Knicks came to the rescue.

And remember, this was before Rose’s rape trial became public. While a jury ruled in Rose’s favor, what came out in the trial was just plain ugly.

'It’s a family affair'

Now, Derrick went AWOL over a family situation. Nobody blames Derrick for taking care of a family emergency, but not telling the team what he was doing is a different story. Some players might be great enough to do that sort of thing. Derrick, however, is no longer that type of player. He’s one of the few people who can’t seem to see that.

Atlas (and a bunch of Rose watchers) Shrugged

While Rose’s disappearance was alarming, many Rose watchers aren’t surprised.