The first 'Thor: Ragnarok' trailer has been released in the second week of April 2017, and one of the surprising things are that Thor's charmed hammer is destroyed and it seems how he will manage without his favorite weapon. The teaser also briefly outlines a battle with The Hulk. However, it needs to be seen if it was a sporting duel or something more sinister. Let us see what one can make out of the trailer.

Gladiator Hulk

When a helmeted Gladiator Hulk was teased last year, there were murmurs that it would be a part of the latest edition of "Thor Ragnarok" and the guess turned out to be correct.

What is strange is the need to put on armor for someone with a Kevlar-like skin which could blunt any knife or even a bullet.

It will be the third “Thor” flick which is expected to hit the screens in late October 2017. "Thor-Ragnarok" is an amalgam of three Marvel plots, and we have Planet Hulk, a femme fatale Eve Hulk in the form of Jessica Chobot.

Where is the Infinity Stone?

The question now is who the owner of the Infinity Stone is, and Hela has dropped a hint in the trailer. The way she laid waste Mjölnir and Asgard, clearly implies that she has the stone and will prove indispensable for "Avengers: Infinity War."

Also, the trailer is flashback galore and features a number of scenes from the earlier Avengers flicks.

We have some aliens crawling over the planet. Don’t be surprised if you see Guardians and Star–Lord also featuring in the film.

Director Taika Waititi makes his debut

One interesting addendum this time is the addition or better still, creation of a funny character and it is played by none other than director Taika Waititi.

The character has been named “Korg, ” and he is a big and clumsy beast who is quite well known for the comic readers. The role played by Taika is a slave gladiator who joined hands with Hulk to become a part of the Warbound team. Korg was described as a towering giant who has a rock-like exterior but a light soul. The character will add a dose of humor to an otherwise serious storyline.

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The cinema version of the Thor character is markedly different from the Comic Book characters, and the directors must not be faulted for this because of cinematic constraints. The producers have endured maintaining a dose of unpredictability also. Writer Aaron scripts a great Thor storyline, but much credit to the immense popularity must be given to Dauterman and Wilson. The director has tried to overdo to make the theme a bit different from the comic book version.