LeBron James is arguably the best all-around basketball player of all time, and statistics keep coming up to prove it. It's not easy putting up a consistent stat line throughout your career, but that's something LeBron has done at a historic level. Now that the 2016-17 NBA regular season has come to an end for King James, he once again makes history. He is now first all-time in seasons averaging at least 25 points, seven rebounds and seven assists per game.

Most 25-7-7 seasons:

1. LeBron James (7)

2. Oscar Robertson (6)

3. Russell Westbrook (2)

3. John Havlicek (2)


James Harden (1)

5. Michael Jordan (1)

5. Larry Bird (1)

This really proves the consistent statistical greatness that King James has shown himself to be throughout his career. Himself and The Big O are at the top of the list, and no one else comes close.

LeBron's been doing it for a long time

In today's NBA you see players like Russell Westbrook and James Harden averaging solid all around numbers, dropping triple doubles with ease. Often times LeBron's stats will be ignored. But we can't ignore the consistency of LeBron's stats throughout his whole career. He's the only player in NBA history to average over 27 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists for an individual's whole career. Today's NBA superstars may have a great all-around season, but it will take many consistent seasons doing that to be anywhere near LeBron's stature.

LeBron has been in the league for 14 seasons, half of those have been 25-7-7 seasons. But in each season he has broken records and still put out a terrific stat line, even if a single statistic did not surpass seven.

The ultimate triple double?

LeBron James may one day become the only player in NBA history with at least 30k points, 10k rebounds and 10k assists in the regular season.

LeBron currently sits on 28,787 points, 7,707 rebounds and 7,461 assists for his career, which is not very far from the goal. This past season LBJ had 1,954 points, 640 rebounds, and 646 assists in 74 games. If he continues at this pace he will be able to achieve this legendary status in about 4-5 years time, when LeBron James is the age of 36.

A lot of factors can come into play, which may affect whether the King ever accomplishes this feat.

But if one day he does, we can all agree that it will be one of the greatest accomplishments in NBA history, and will add onto the greatness and legendary status that King James has already achieved up until this point.