Russell Westbrook has broken another record, this time for his triple-double avalanche throughout the year. This season has been one of the most statistically staggering seasons in NBA history. And a lot of that has to do with the triple-double. The Triple Double is probably the most talked about performance, as it's been done in unseen fashion in the 2016-17 campaign.

There has been an absurd amount of triple-doubles around the league this season, the most there has ever been in an NBA season. There was also never 3 players with over 10 TD's respectively in the 82-game campaign, until this season, where Russell Westbrook has plotted 42, James Harden has compiled 21 and LeBron James has added 13, while Westbrook and Harden have become the only two players to record over 20+ triple doubles in the same season.

But out of all the triple-double records going on, the biggest one has come at the hands of Thunder's all-star Russell Westbrook, after he had his 42nd of the season on Sunday against the Nuggets. Passing Oscar Robertson (41) for most triple doubles in a season. LeBron knows all about how challenging this task would be to do, so his is very congratulatory of Russell.

LeBron sends appreciative message to Westbrook

Russell Westbrook finished with an incredible 50 points, 16 rebounds and 10 assists in the Oklahoma City Thunder's 106-105 victory over the Denver Nuggets. This terrific performance marked Westbrook's record-setting 42nd triple double of the season. After having his own triple-double a few hours beforehand, LeBron took to Twitter to congratulate the man he calls "Brodie."

LeBron James is also very familiar with such a performance, with 54 regular season triple-doubles over his career (7th all-time).

King James also has 16 in the playoffs, which is second all-time behind Magic Johnson (30). Also trailing Magic Johnson in NBA finals TD's with 7 compared to Magic's 8. LeBron will be looking to break these playoff and finals records in the near future.

Where will they finish?

As LeBron James and Russell Westbrook keep pouring out huge TD performances season by season, it gets many wondering how far they will move up the all-time regular season triple-double list before it's all said and done.

Here the current standings:

1. Oscar Robertson (181)

2. Magic Johnson (138)

3. Jason Kidd (107)

4. Russell Westbrook (79)

5. Wilt Chamberlain (78)

6. Larry Bird (59)

7. LeBron James (58)

The sky is the limit for these two. With many elite years ahead of both of them, and with the modern NBA being a fast-paced game, more statistically historic performances are surely on the way.

LeBron could finish his career around 4th or 3rd depending on how consistent LBJ continues to be. As for Westbrook, if he continues dropping triple-doubles at a historic rate, he could be second or first by the end of his career.