In his 14-year career, LeBron James has been pretty consistent and has rarely had a night off. Not just the incredible career averages of over 27 points, seven rebounds and seven assists to prove it, but the King also has been able to put points on the board at will. After passing NBA greats, Hakeem Olajuwon, Elvin Hayes, Moses Malone and most recently Shaquille O'Neal. Mr. James now sits at 7th place on the NBA's all-time scoring list. But the all-time scoring list isn't the only thing complimenting the King's great ability to score the basketball.

After scoring 18 points against the Magic on Tuesday night, LeBron has scored over 10 points in 788 straight regular season games, passing Kareem and sitting second all-time.

LeBron James moves past Kareem

Before the Cavaliers-Magic game, LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabber were tied second all-time with 787 straight games scoring double figures, trailing only Michael Jordan (866). And by halftime, King James already had 10 points, moving him past the legend of the sky hook, and putting him just 78 games behind Bulls icon, Michael Jordan. The Chosen One is projected to pass Jordan on this unique list, near the tail end of next season, the 2017-18 campaign. With six games left in this season for Cleveland, LeBron can cut it to 72 games, or possibly 73-75 allowing for rest games.

And walk into next season looking at breaking the record in game 72, or 73-79 allowing for rest games. This is unless LeBron has an out of the ordinary abysmal performance, but as seen throughout his whole career, he has been the beacon of consistency.

It's been a while

The last time King James did not score more than 10 points in a regular season NBA game?

January 5th, 2007, in a game in which the Cavs surprisingly won, 95-87 over the Bucks. That 8 point performance was from a 22-year-old LeBron James, a LeBron James that had never reached the NBA finals or won an MVP. A lot has happened since then, none of the King's teammates from that team in 2007 are still currently in the NBA.

Most young superstars in today's game currently, were still in school or college when LeBron last scored in single digits. This just shows the true consistent greatness that the man from Akron, Ohio possesses.