Former Wwe Universal Champion Finn Balor reportedly suffered a concussion during his match with Jinder Mahal in last week’s episode of “Monday Night RAW.”

Balor, who is just coming off a 9-month injury layoff after a shoulder surgery, took a stiff forearm from Mahal in his first singles’ competition since his Universal Championship match with Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. The blow appeared to have legitimately knocked out Balor for a few seconds, but the former NXT champion mustered enough willpower out of him to finish what was supposed to be a ‘squash match.’

Despite his lengthy absence, Balor is still viewed as main-event caliber superstar on “RAW.” WWE cannot afford to lose their budding star again with so many potential feuds waiting in line for him.

As a matter of fact, WWE has already provided a teaser of a blockbuster showdown between Balor and another former WWE champ Bray Wyatt, when the ‘Eater of Worlds’ interrupted the Demon King’s celebration to address his return on RAW last Monday.

As for Mahal, his KO moment with Balor triggered more speculation that he’s using performance enhancing drugs. Even before the incident, there were already suspicions of Mahal’s steroid use because of the sudden physique transformation. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio also thinks Mahal is violating WWE’s wellness policy because of bulked-up trapezius muscles and acne on his back, which are indicators of steroid use.

Rusev’s injury update

Lana confirmed that her husband, Rusev, could be out for 2-4 months because of a shoulder injury.

The former two-time United States champion has been assigned to “SmackDown Live” this week following the Superstar Shakeup.

On the Blue Brand, the Bulgarian Brute will likely get his much awaited main-event title push, which is something he may not have if he stays on a talent-stacked RAW brand.

For a meantime, Lana will have her solo act as ‘the Ravishing Lana.’

Is Reigns injury part of the storyline?

WWE reported that Reigns suffered a separated shoulder, cracked ribs and internal injuries following Braun Strowman’s brutal assault this week. The former Shield member is fresh off a momentous Wrestlemania win over the Undertaker, promoting WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar to challenge him for a title match.

However, Strowman didn’t like the idea of Reigns getting another title shot before him, so he took things in his owns by giving ‘the Big Dog’ the worst beat down he ever had.

With “WWE Payback” set on April 30, it appears a Strowman vs. Reigns no.1 contender’s match is already etched in stone. The question now is whether or not the injuries are legit or just part of the storyline. Pro Wrestling reported Reigns was originally scheduled to appear at a live event this week, but will likely take a day-off to maintain his kayfabe status.