Kemba Walker and the Charlotte Hornets have been a rather disappointment this season after making the playoffs last year and challenging the Miami Heat in an intense seven-game series. The Hornets finished their 2016-2017 campaign 36-46, seeded 11th in the East.

Perhaps the loss of Al Jefferson, Jeremy Lin, and a couple other pieces hurt the team this season, leaving too much pressure on Walker especially on the offensive end. Some of the young players such as Frank Kaminsky and Cody Zeller have been solid but haven’t been consistent enough.

After a slumping year, the Hornets could use the offseason to get Walker more help.

Recently Walker spoke to Glenn Burkins of Q City Metro and hinted that he would like free-agent Blake Griffin on his squad. Walker didn’t directly say that he wants his team to pursue Griffin but gave indirect quotes that suggested he would love to team up with the Los Angeles Clippers star.

Walker indirectly trying to recruit Griffin

“I think one of the bigger free agents this year is probably Blake Griffin,” Walker told Burkins. “I think Blake would be a great fit for us. I mean, don’t get y’alls’ hopes up. It sounds good,” he said with some laughter.

Griffin would certainly strengthen the Hornets and have them competing for a playoff spot again. He would be a nice pairing with Walker, who wouldn’t have to shoulder as much of the offense with Griffin on the roster.

The issue is that the Hornets don’t have much cap space for next season, but a sign-and-trade could definitely be executed if Griffin does indeed want to leave L.A. to join them. The 28-year-old has a player option of approximately $21.3 million, which he is expected to decline to seek more money. However, the Hornets could only offer him a four-year max deal, while the Clippers could offer him a five-year max deal.

Griffin’s offseason plans

It has been previously reported that Griffin is likely to leave the Clippers this summer, but his preferred destinations are the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers. It would be a long shot for the Hornets to be able to acquire him, but it would surely be worth a try.

In his eighth season, the five-time All-Star is averaging a team-leading 21.7 points to go along with 8.1 rebounds and 4.9 assists on 49.4 percent shooting from the field. He has had some injury problems over the last three seasons, but he would still be a pleasant addition to any team in the offseason.