Its been a tragic past few days for Boston Celtics all-star isaiah thomas after the unfortunate and saddening passing of his younger sister, Chyna Thomas. The young 22-year old girl had her life taken on Saturday morning. Thomas found out on Saturday night and has obviously been very emotional since that time. This left the point guard's availability for the Boston Celtics vs. Chicago Bulls game questionable. Isaiah Thomas did suit up and play in the first game of the Celtics' playoff run. While the game did not go the way Isaiah or most had wanted, ending in a 106-102 loss to the Bulls, Thomas still put up a performance worthy of being appreciated, and one person who has sent his best wishes to the Boston guard was LeBron James.

LeBron James shared his thoughts

LeBron James was asked about the situation with Isaiah Thomas during the Cavaliers practice on Monday morning. He said:

"I didn't get an opportunity to actually send my condolences out to him and his family, but my deepest sympathy and prayers goes up to him and his mother, his father, whoever is in his life."

LeBron mentioned that it's just the game of basketball, and sometimes in life there are situations that happen that put the sport into perspective. LeBron also talked about how his relationship with Thomas has grown over the last couple of years LBJ has gotten to know him, and there is obviously a significant amount of respect between the two Eastern Conference all-stars.

Even though they have had their battles on the court, in the regular season and the playoffs, that respect between the two basketball players is present. The King has always known that basketball is just a sport, and there are bigger and more meaningful things in life. LeBron also stated:

"It's a sick feeling... I have some very, very close people in my life and I can only imagine how that would take your heart away.

Especially at a time like this, and he was unbelievable in the game, too, by the way."

Will Isaiah's loss affect his play?

The big question around the situation right now is whether or not Isaiah Thomas will perform at his peak during this first round series. As the Boston Celtics are currently down 1-0 against the Chicago Bulls, they will need their leader to play at a high level.

Isaiah has always been a strong player and LeBron even called him "strong-willed." So, fans should expect the best from Isaiah Thomas. The man has been doubted all his life, but at the end of the day, the motto goes: heart over height, and Isaiah has shown that throughout his entire NBA career.