Having the best start season in almost a decade, Roger Federer is still fully aware of the risks that an extended schedule brings up on the table. Despite being the no. 1 in this year's ranking, he won't pursue a run on the European red clay due to some obvious reasons.

His body and mind both need to recover and to shape the strategy for the second part of the season where he might go for another big title either on the grass court or the North American outdoor hard session. By taking a quick pick at his 2017's numbers, Federer has 20 official matches under his belt having lost one single match in that Dubai shocker.

But that was his only wrong step on the professional tour during a four months time span.

The 2017 French Open is the only chance of seeing Federer competing on clay this season

Following his success in Miami, Roger Federer made it quite clear that his upcoming schedule won't be revolved around the Clay Court swing except for the French Open. Earlier this month, even the mighty Parisian clay court was put under question as Federer has propagated a certain shadow of doubt regarding his presence at the second Grand Slam of the year, a place where he prevailed only once back in 2009.

He will have an answer to that burning questions at the beginning of May a couple of weeks before the 2017 French Open starts.

According to CNN, the improbable winner of 2017 Australian Open, won't see himself skipping the show in Paris but it all depends on how the motivation level and fitness will be when the decision deadline comes.

Last season, still recovering from that unfortunate left knee injury, Federer signed up for Monte-Carlo Masters and Rome, two big tournaments where he failed to deliver his high-quality tennis.

In Madrid, he injured his back on a training session before the tournament.

Now, he seems even more cautious regarding the clay court season and the best case scenario means that he will play at the French Open, at a time when his old foe Rafael Nadal is on the verge of regaining his dominant status on this particular surface.

Roger Federer's success inevitably puts in high-expectations from the stands

We all saw a different Federer competing during the first months of 2017, a level of aggressiveness on his both wings that left his opponents stunned. And the crowds seems to crave for more from this phenomenal athlete.

Even the prospect of Federer regaining the world no. 1 seat by the end of the season has been hardly debated. In about two weeks, Federer will either confirm or not his presence at 2017 french open. From that point, those watching from aside would have nothing left to do but to lay back and enjoy the show regardless of its unfolding course.