The Indiana Pacers and the Cleveland Cavaliers are fighting a tough first-round series battle, and Glenn Robinson Iii decided to take it one step further. The Pacers' player took a shot at the city of Cleveland, calling it nasty. While it's true that Cleveland is not one of the most beautiful cities, Robinson III took one of the less traveled roads and took a picture of the city, which doesn't look really nice. The 23-year old guard posted this picture on his Snapchat, saying that Cleveland is nasty.

The shooting guard did this on purpose to take a shot at not only the city, but also at the Cavaliers and their fans.

This move angered fans, but Robinson III still has to do a better job on the court if he wants to do some real damage to Cleveland, and he hasn't been able to do it yet.

Glenn shouldn't have done it

Robinson III called out Cleveland before the Cavaliers-Pacers series, and his team lost both games in the city. After a game one victory, the Cavaliers ran over the Pacers once again last night, taking a commanding 2-0 series lead before the series shift to Indiana. The guard had no reason to call out Cleveland, especially considering that he is not a great player and that he hasn't been a factor so far in the series. This move just earned him nothing but hatred from the Cavaliers' fans, and what he did was uncalled for.

In two games of the playoff series, Glenn Robinson III has played only nine minutes, scoring nine points and grabbing two rebounds. He did not even play a single minute in the first game of the series, yet he got plenty of confidence to run his mouth and talk bad about Cleveland.

Robinson II and the Indiana Pacers stand no chance against Cleveland

After two losses in Cleveland, Indiana Pacers will host the Cavaliers on their home court for the next two games. Even though the first two games were close, the Pacers stand no chance against the defending NBA champions, and there is a chance they will get swept by them.

LeBron James is on a mission to defend the title and he won't let the Pacers stop him, so we can expect the series to be even more exciting in the third and the fourth game.

Indiana Pacers had a great chance to beat the Cavaliers in the first game of the series, but they ran out of gas, allowing Cleveland to escape with a big victory. It is not likely they will have more chances to upset the Cavs, which means the series could be wrapped on Sunday this week, after game 4.