The NFL offseason is underway and that means players are starting to return to practice. NFL players currently have the option to attend voluntary workouts hosted by their teams and have the option to either attend or not attend. At practice on Monday, Lesean Mccoy was the only Bills player who wasn't in attendance. Although this might look bad from the outside, Sean Mcdermott isn't worried about it.

McDermott's Talks With McCoy.

The new Bills Head Coach has been in consistent communication with the star running back since he was hired by the team.

McDermott described the workouts as "voluntary" and has had excellent conversations with McCoy. Any news outlet reporting a dire situation between the two already is reporting a lie. McDermott knows the workouts are voluntary, and he can't be too worried about the best player on the Buffalo Bills last season. Still, McDermott wants to build a culture of winning, and he would probably like to see LeSean McCoy at one of the voluntary workouts in the future.

LeSean McCoy's 2016 Season.

For McCoy, the proof is in the performance.

He had his best season as a Bill in 2016, rushing for almost 1300 yards and scoring 13 touchdowns. McCoy was clearly the best player on a Bills team that made a playoff push during the season, but ultimately fell short. LeSean McCoy will continue to play a huge role in a Bills offense that prefers to run the ball rather than pass it.

Culture of Winning.

Now that quarterback Tyrod Taylor is back for another season with the Bills, Buffalo will have another chance to make the playoffs in 2017. Head coach Sean McDermott is interested in building this culture of winning and it's an encouraging sign that every single player showed up for voluntary workouts besides McCoy.

Even Marcell Dareus, who dealt with numerous issues last season, was in attendance!

LeSean McCoy will undoubtedly be a part of any Bills playoff push, but Buffalo will need the rest of their roster to contribute as well. After numerous Rex Ryan debacles last season, new head coach Sean McDermott will look to utilize LeSean McCoy often on his way to what will hopefully be the Bills first playoff appearance since 1999.