Chicago Bulls have been playing really well lately and they are back in the playoff picture. Jimmy Butler has been on fire and he's been one of the best players in the league in the past few weeks. The Bulls were two games behind the eighth seed just a week ago, but they've flipped the switch lately and earned a playoff spot.

At the moment, Chicago Bulls are seventh seed in the East and they have the same record as the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers. However, they have a tie-breaker over these two teams, which gives them a better playoff spot.

Bulls defeated tough opponents this week

Chicago Bulls are on a three-game winning streak and each opponent they defeated during the streak was a playoff team. They started the streak with a blowout victory against the Bucks in Milwaukee. Despite the fact that the Bucks have been playing incredibly well lately, the Bulls took them down without much trouble. After the Bucks, Chicago defeated reigning NBA champions Cleveland Cavaliers, thanks to their big second half.

Finally, the Bulls beat the Atlanta Hawks last night, after making another big comeback in the fourth quarter. Jimmy Butler has averaged 26.0 points, 5.7 rebounds and 9.0 assists during the win streak and he's giving his maximum effort every night to get his team to the playoffs.

Easy schedule will allow Chicago to keep their playoff seed

Chicago Bulls have six games left to play in the regular season and all of their games are against weak opponents. As a matter of fact, the Bulls won't face a playoff team for the remainder of the season and their last five opponents are sixth worst teams in the NBA.

They also have two games to play against the Brooklyn Nets, who are the worst team in the league by a wide margin.

This easy schedule will allow the Bulls to keep their playoff spot and qualify for the postseason. Right now, they are two games under .500 and there is a chance they finish the season with 43-39 record, which could give them even better playoff seed. The Bulls are only three games behind the fifth seed and two games behind the sixth seed, so anything is possible if they keep their winning streak going.