Dwyane Wade and his Chicago Bulls are on the verge of making the playoffs as they are currently the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference with 40 wins and 41 losses. They are almost a lock for the eighth spot in the conference since their final game of the season will be against the Brooklyn Nets, who are the worst team in the NBA and who will play without their best players. Wade's former team are also fighting for a playoff spot, and the shooting guard had some words of praise for them.

"I know those guys are going to play their heart out. I don’t expect them to lose," Dwyane Wade said about the Heat and their final game.

Wade played in Miami for 13 years and he knows that the Heat have a unique culture. They never give up and they always give their maximum effort in order to achieve positive results. Its been that way for over two decades, and it will stay like that for a long time.

Dwyane Wade returned to help the Chicago Bulls make the playoffs

Wade suffered an elbow injury last month and it was believed that he would miss the rest of the regular season. However, thanks to his hard work, dedication and will, Dwyane Wade returned to action, helping the Bulls make the playoffs.

The 35-year old shooting guard has appeared in the last two games and he was one of the better players on the Bulls' squad, contributing to the team in different ways.

The Chicago Bulls are 1-1 after Wade's return as they narrowly lost the game to the Brooklyn Nets last Saturday. The Bulls bounced back in a big way, however, defeating the Orlando Magic by 47 points.

This was the biggest loss in the Magic history and the third-best win ever for the Bulls.

Miami Heat playoff chances depend on Dwyane Wade

The Chicago Bulls have a tiebreaker against the Miami Heat and even though they have the same record, the Bulls are ranked better in the standings. The only way for the Heat to get into the playoffs is if either the Bulls or the Indiana Pacers lose tomorrow.

Miami will play against the Washington Wizards and even if they win, their victory will be worthless if one of those two teams don't lose.

Dwyane Wade left the Miami Heat last summer to join the Bulls, and Miami's destiny is in his hands at the moment. Even though the Bulls conclude their season against the worst team in the NBA, it is still possible for them to lose. However, with the way things have been going lately, it seems that Dwyane Wade will have the last laugh as his Bulls will likely make the playoffs over his former team.