The Boston Celtics have stormed back into their first-round series against the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls started off getting two away wins, but with the loss of point guard Rajon Rondo, the Celtics are smelling blood. Now, the Bulls see a game five that is huge for them if they want to pull off the 1-8 upset.

Keys to game 5

The first key is to get their point guard facilitating with Rajon Rondo potentially sidelined. Isaiah Canaan is in line to start in Rondo's place, and he'll need to play that facilitating role for the Bulls. Canaan brings some decent scoring off the bench, so although he would start, Fred Hoiberg needs to work Jimmy Butler as the point guard while Canaan is out, and then have Canaan play a scoring role while Butler rests for a short time.

Jimmy played a lot of point guard for Team USA last summer, and although he obviously isn't with that star-studded team, this is a move they should make.

Isaiah Canaan won't have a tough time getting open looks. With Isaiah Thomas being one of the worst defenders in the league, Canaan will need to attack this mismatch.

Controlling the boards

The Bulls' bread and butter through the first two games of the series was through their board control, especially on the offensive glass. The Bulls aren't a significant threat shooting from the outside, but grabbing those offensive boards is a big key in getting extra possessions against the Celtics. This is big for guys like Robin Lopez and Bobby Portis.

The Celtics struggle inside, and if the Bulls keep attacking them, then they will put themselves in a solid position to win.

Hitting shots

It can't be that simple, can it? Yes, yes it can. The Bulls have to hit shots. In the games they won, they shot a better three-point percentage than the Celtics. In the two games, they lost, they were ice cold from beyond the arc.

Nikola Mirotic and Jimmy Butler need to set the tone from the outside in game 5. Mirotic helps space the floor for Wade and Butler, and if he can at least keep the Celtics honest early on, it will set a tone throughout the whole game that they can't relax off of him.

All in all, the Bulls are in a tight spot. The Celtics seemed to have gained their footing, and the Bulls are slipping on a slippery path.

For the Bulls to take advantage of this series, they'll need to grind on the defensive end and hit some key shots along the way. The Celtics are not invincible as we've seen before, but they also now have life, and when a team has a life like this it is hard to stop.