Tim Howard is one of the biggest faces in the history of American Soccer. That status carries plenty of glamorous opportunities and perks. It can also prove to be a big burden, however, as every move the goalkeeper makes is scrutinized at a much higher level than his fellow American counterparts. That was the case this week, as an incident during a Colorado Rapids game on Sunday resulted in the MLS suspending him for three games.

Heavy discipline

The MLS chose to suspend Howard for three games after an incident during Colorado's 3-1 loss to Sporting Kansas City on Sunday.

The league also fined the goalkeeper, although it's unclear how much they are taking out of his paycheck. Howard is a passionate player, but can usually keep his emotions in check. Two different moments on Sunday proved to be difficult for him to keep it together, though, as he apparently didn't appreciate the abuse he was taking on the road.

During the game, Howard reportedly directed inappropriate language in the direction of a fan. Apparently, some fans may have been making crude comments about his mother, so he responded crudely in kind. After the game, tensions only escalated, leading to an altercation with a fan. Now, the Colorado Rapids will have to live without their star goalkeeper for the next three games while the MLS will have to answer questions about why this news broke late on a Friday night when people generally wouldn't think to look for it.

Tough times at the new job

Howard's return to the MLS was met with great fanfare last year. The goalkeeper found great success abroad, playing in the English Premier League with Everton for about a decade. He is also a star of the United States Men's National Team. When he decided to come to the Colorado Rapids last March, he expected continued success in the twilight of his career.

Things have not gone as planned, though. Injuries have prevented Howard from taking the field as much as he would've wanted to and he's been struggling to start out this year. Additionally, he is taking plenty of abuse from rival fans who either want to get in his head regarding his MLS play or relating to the state of the national team, which is in flux and in danger of missing the World Cup as Bruce Arena takes charge of the program. He'll have three games without the Colorado Rapids where he will be forced to consider where his career should go from this point as it nears its conclusion.