The Chicago Bulls had a disappointing season filled with drama and turmoil. They lost in six games to the Boston Celtics, which is better than what most expected after barely sneaking into the playoffs. They will now have an eventful offseason ahead of them, so let’s breakdown their roster and see who will stay and who will leave.

Jimmy Butler: Leaving

After not improving much this season, the Bulls are prepared to rebuild by trading Jimmy Butler, which would probably be the most ideal thing to do. Butler has been the face of the franchise for a few years now, but the front office has been unable to construct a solid team around him, so it would be better if they were to move on and start over.

Butler has a couple years left on his contract, which means he would have to be traded. His trade value is extremely high, as Chicago should be able to gain many valuable assets in return for the All-Star forward.

Dwyane Wade: Leaving

Another key player for the Bulls should be on the move this summer. Dwyane Wade possesses a player option this offseason, which he may opt out to test the free-agent market. It wouldn’t be smart for him to return to Chicago but instead join a team where his chances of winning would increase. Many believe Wade will reunite with LeBron James in Cleveland and others believe he will return to Miami. Whatever the case may be, it seems like Wade is unlikely to remain in Chicago despite being his hometown.

Rajon Rondo: Staying

Although the Bulls tried to trade Rajon Rondo on multiple occasions, they may just end up keeping him. He has a $13.3 million non-guaranteed deal left on his contract, which isn’t too overwhelming. He could simply be the veteran piece who remains on the roster.

Nikola Mirotic: Leaving

It is going to be a tough task retaining restricted free agent Nikola Mirotic, who will probably demand heavy cash this summer.

Only way he stays with the Bulls is if he accepts his qualifying offer, which he quite possibly wouldn’t due to the raise in salary cap. Additionally, the Bulls may not show much interest in re-signing him anyway.

Michael Carter-Williams: Leaving

Michael Carter-Williams will also be a restricted free agent this summer and unlikely to return.

He was essentially a non-factor throughout the year, falling out of the rotation. He will likely decline his qualifying offer and pursue deals elsewhere, with Chicago doubtful to match any offer sheets for him. If the Bulls do blowup the roster, Carter-Williams has no future with them.

Cristiano Felicio: Staying

Cristiano Felicio was a pleasant surprise this season, finding minutes in Fred Hoiberg’s rotation. He was productive in limited minutes as Robin Lopez’s backup and is a young piece built for the team’s future. Felicio will be a restricted free agent as well, but the Bulls will make strong efforts to recover him if he signs a deal elsewhere.

Fred Hoiberg: Leaving

When the Bulls hired Fred Hoiberg, they were hoping he would become as successful as Brad Stevens has for the Boston Celtics, coming straight from college.

Unfortunately, the 44-year-old coach hasn’t been able to make any progress with the team; instead the Bulls have deteriorated since he took over in 2015. He has been openly criticized by the fans for his lack of success, which could drive him out of Chicago.

The Bulls look like a team that could be on the brink of breaking it all up and rebuilding. They don’t have much to offer to their star players, as they are merely an average playoff team with the current roster. It will be a busy offseason for the front office and a lot of changes are impending.