Dwyane Wade's first season in Chicago has come to an end as the shooting guard suffered a season-ending injury. Wade, who appeared in 57 games for the Bulls this season, has a player option in his contract for the next year, and it is time to decide whether or not he will use it.

Should Wade decide to stay in Chicago, he will be paid over $23 million next season. If he decides to opt out of his contract, he will be a free agent who will be allowed to sign with any team he likes. There is a big market out there and all 30 NBA teams could use a proven veteran like Dwyane Wade, but it is Miami where he belongs, and the Heat are the team he should play for next season.

The situation in Chicago is not pleasant for Wade

There have been a lot of problems with Chicago this season and Dwyane Wade even publicly criticized the Bulls several times. Along with a lack of team chemistry and problems among teammates, the team's front office has made some awful moves. The Bulls fell out of the playoff picture, and after losing Dwyane Wade to the injury, it is unlikely they will get back into it.

Unlike the Bulls, the Miami Heat are a great organization that have established a winning culture. Even though Dwyane Wade is not on very good terms with the Heat front office, he knows that he could return to Miami anytime and things would be fine. Before signing with Chicago, Wade spent 13 years in Miami and he should return there to keep building his legacy.

The return to Miami would be amazing

Last summer, many Miami Heat fans were hurt, disappointed and heartbroken when Wade decided to sign with the Chicago Bulls. For Wade, it made a lot of sense as he felt neglected by the Heat and he also wanted to help his hometown turn into a great basketball team. As for the Heat fans, nothing made sense, as they could not imagine it all happening, not even in their worst nightmares.

If Dwyane Wade decides to return to the Miami Heat, there is no doubt that he would be welcomed back to the franchise that he helped put back on the map.