Carmelo Anthony trade talks have strengthened after the New York Knicks ended their 2017 NBA regular season earlier yesterday. The Knicks edged out the Philadelphia 76ers, 113-144, with Melo scoring 17 points in 23 minutes of play. As NYK bow out of season, failing to reach the NBA Playoffs for the fourth straight year, fans speculate that the Anthony era in the New York has finally ended. However, in a recent interview, the All-Star revealed that he still doesn't know what next season holds for him and his career.

Carmelo Anthony, Knicks trade talks continue: 'They might.'

Rumors of Anthony's departure have been swirling since the season began. Many fans and sports analysts believed that a move would be made before the NBA trade 2017 deadline with Anthony leaving New York. However, February passed, and all rumors were put to rest when Melo continued to don his blue-white-orange Jersey for New York. Now, with the offseason finally here, the rumors have resurrected, and the third overall pick in 2003 is on the hot seat again.

Talking to reporters after what could be his final game as a Knick, Carmelo Anthony told reporters the truth about his impending trade.

"They might [trade me]," he said, as noted by ESPN.

When asked whether Wednesday's game is his last with the New York Knicks, Melo replied: "To be honest with you, I don't know...I'm pretty sure the organization has an idea, a thought of what they want to do, how they want to do it. But at this point, it's all on me."

What could happen to Carmelo Anthony during the NBA 2017 offseason?

Many have pitched in ideas for how the Carmelo Anthony, Knicks situation should transpire, but it seems a move to another team isn't as easy as many think.

For one, Melo has a no-trade clause in his contract. This means any movement should be approved by the athlete first. If the Syracuse standout doesn't like the terms, he could say "No" to any transfer.

There is also the fact that Anthony isn't like any other player in the NBA -- he is a 10-time NBA All-Star, a three-time Olympic Gold medalist and an NBA scoring champion among others.

Should the Knicks be able to find the perfect support for him, they could be a championship contender. But then, Knicks had Derrick Rose and Joaquim Noah to the lineup this season, but still, they fell short.

Nonetheless, Melo stays positive that should the team decide to find the right mix of players, he is willing to stick it out with New York. Especially since he still has two years left on his four-year, $124 million contracts with the team.

"If everybody's committed to [winning], I'm committed to that too," the New York-born star.

Carmelo says he'd take enough time to "figure it out" before he makes any drastic decisions for the NBA 2017-18 season. According to the NBA star, he'll sit with his team and his family before any move. However, he did emphasize that winning is what's most important to him right now.

"What's important to me at this point in my career, which is winning."