Carmelo Anthony is going through more than just a potential separation with his team this offseason. According to reports, he is also in the midst of a separation with his wife, La La Anthony. There are multiple factors that may have led to this familial development, from the strain of a tough basketball season to rumors of infidelity. It will be up to him and his estranged wife to deal with their situation in the public, however, and with a child in the spotlight.

Headed for a separation

The news broke of the couple's separation on Monday. Initial reports suggested that the split was amicable and that the two were dedicated to co-parenting their child together.

La La moved out, but intends to stay in New York, regardless of Carmelo's potential future, to avoid uprooting young Kiyan's childhood. Supposedly, the tension of a poor season from the New York Knicks star and constant trade rumors affected their marital bliss.

The story goes deeper than that, though. According to TMZ, Carmelo reportedly had an affair with a strip club dancer. Compounding matters, the woman claims to be more than six months pregnant and is expecting help from at least a financial perspective, if not more. La La is reportedly infuriated by the betrayal, as she should be if it's true. Now, questions will emerge surrounding whether or not the season affected their personal lives, or whether the opposite is actually true.

A really difficult year

For Carmelo Anthony, this news wraps up a really strange week, and an incredibly tough year. In the past week, New York Knicks president Phil Jackson has stated that Carmelo would have a better future elsewhere, rather than with the team he has dedicated himself to for several years. The statement followed a season in which Jackson called out Anthony on several occasions and tried to trade him, even though he has a full no-trade clause built into his contract.

It seems Carmelo Anthony could be living a drastically different life next year. If Jackson follows through on his promise, he may be playing in Los Angeles, Cleveland, or Miami next season. He also may be playing there without La La and his son Kiyan with him. No divorce papers have been filed yet by either party, but it seems like only a matter of time before that technicality is taken care of, likely by La La.