When LeBron's twitter shuts down and other social media accounts go on "do not disturb," we all understand what time it is. LeBron James is officially in playoff mode and he makes sure everyone across the leagues understands his true intentions. LeBron is coming off of a season where he shot, rebounded and assisted better than his career average. In the early stages of his game, LeBron was criticized for not being able to shoot the ball effectively. This season he shot 54% from the field. When the boards need crashing, LeBron sprung into action, bringing in 8.6 rebounds per night.

He also continued looking to involve his new offensive weapons Kyle Kover and Deron Williams by dishing out close to 9 assist per night. With Russell Westbrook and James Harden covering the front page news, LeBron has continued to improve his game.

Help no longer needed

After acquiring Kyle Kover and Deron Williams this season, the Cavs have been on a roll. They finished the regular season 51-31 as they ended the season behind Isaiah Thomas and the Boston Celtics. The Celtics are currently struggling with the eighth seeded Chicago Bulls while the Cavs patiently wait for their next opponent. Cleveland swept Paul George and the Pacers with ease and are focused on the next task at hand. A couple of years ago while James was on the Miami Heat, the Pacers haunted King James' post season dreams.

The constant battles James, Wade, and Bosh endured against Indiana made the playoffs worth watching in 2012. Obviously, the two teams are completely different in 2017. The Pacers were arguably the worst team in the playoffs this season but the new and improved Cleveland roster should receive some credit. LeBron no longer needs to win by himself.

Who will stop Cleveland?

After watching the other teams throughout the playoffs, I find it hard to believe that a team from the Eastern Conference will be able to defeat the Cavs. The Toronto Raptor have the best chance at beating the Cavs but how much of a chance is that, really? The Raptors beat the Cavaliers twice this season out of the three games they played.

Both times the Cavs lost by fewer than five points. When the Cavaliers beat the Raptors once this past season, they blew them out by 22 points. Let it be known that Kyrie is capable of matching LeBron's point production and field goal efficiency. In addition to that, Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson both help LeBron rebound the ball. Whoever plays the Cleveland Cavaliers next will have their hands full.