The good news just keeps on coming for the Nebraska football team this month. Fresh off getting four commits at its annual Red-White Spring Game, the team appears to be on the cusp of adding some more this weekend. If a tweet on Saturday morning by Brendan Radley-Hiles can be believed, the Huskers will be ringing that cowbell come Sunday.

The player better known as Bookie is one of those recent commits himself and like other guys who have said they will play for mike riley and company, he’s apparently been doing a bit of recruiting himself. Thanks to his enthusiasm towards the program, he appears to have a little inside information, saying another commit will be coming to the Cornhuskers on Sunday.

Is Bookie’s prediction one of Nebraska football’s ‘silent’ commits?

While coaches aren’t allowed to specifically mention or address the names of committed players until they have officially signed on the dotted line, there are ways around the rule. On a recent radio broadcast Huskers’ head coach Mike Riley announced that the team had more players committed in the 2018 class than we all realized.

The coach said there were “two or three” players who are known as “silent commits.” These are players that have told the coaches they want to come to the school, but for whatever reason have not gone public.

While there are always rumors of silent commits that never come into being, it’s rarely the coach who starts those rumors, making Riley’s comments more believable than we’re used to hearing. Now it’s just a matter of wondering whether the player Bookie is talking about, is one of the ones Riley had been alluding to, or whether this is a brand new commit.

There is also the question as to how Bookie knows about the impending announcement.

Penn State decommit soon a Nebraska football commit?

When attempting to figure out just who the Sunday commit will be, should there indeed be one, one name stands out more than more. Chris Bleich announced on Friday that he was officially no longer committed to being a Nittany Lion, saying he committed far too early in the process.

The timing, from being a “free agent” to making his choice on Sunday would certainly make sense.

At the same time, it might be a bit of a quick trigger, considering Bleich claimed he wanted to look around a bit longer. It seems a bit odd he would then immediately turn around and let Bookie, or other members of the 2018 class that he had decided to join them. The good news is, if Radley-Hiles can be believed, we won’t have to wait long to find out who is joining a class already ranked in the Top Ten on ESPN.