Heavily talented Brandon Ingram would love to become a leader of one of the most popular and accomplished sports franchises in the future. Ingram, who was selected at number two by the Los Angeles Lakers in last year's NBA draft, has just finished his rookie season. The Lakers (26-56) concluded their season with a loss to the Golden State Warriors on Thursday. Ingram and his team are now headed to the offseason, since the 16-time NBA champions from L.A. won't be featured in this year's NBA playoffs.

Ingram had his moments this season

Brandon Ingram played in 79 of 82 games this season.

Ingram, who was coming off the bench at the beginning of the season, was promoted to the starting lineup as the year progressed. This resulted in him eventually picking up 40 starts in his rookie NBA campaign.

Ingram could be seen struggling at the beginning of the season, but that didn't last for the whole year. The 19-year-old stepped up, especially after the All-Star break, which should certainly help him to enter the offseason with a positive spirit. During March and April Ingram finished in all but two games in double-digit scoring.

Ingram had a career-high scoring night on March 26th against the San Antonio Spurs -- 22 points on 10-of-15 shooting from the field. The second overall pick of the 2016 NBA draft ended the season averaging 9.4 points and four rebounds in 28.8 minutes per game.

In the last five games of the regular season, Ingram averaged 11.6 points, 3.2 assists, and 3.2 rebounds in 24.4 minutes per contest, according to ESPN.

Ingram is eager to achieve more

Brandon Ingram is set to be a sophomore in the 2017/2018 NBA season. He has a lot of time to develop and become a real threat in the league. It doesn't seem that the promising Los Angeles Lakers player is lacking confidence in his abilities going forward, according to the transcript provided by Tania Ganguli of the Los Angeles Times.

Corey Brewer praises Ingram

NBA veteran Corey Brewer had a first-hand look at Brandon Ingram for a part of this year's NBA season. Brewer was signed by the Los Angeles Lakers in February after arriving in L.A.

at the deadline as a part of the Lou Williams trade. The 31-year-old came just in time, because, as already mentioned, Ingram started to perform better after the All-Star break. Small forward Brewer has given recognition to his fellow teammate, according to Mike Trudell.