On March 31st, the Atlanta Braves hosted a pre-season game against the New York Yankees at their new home, the Suntrust Park in Cumberland, GA. This was a soft opening for Braves fans who are season ticket holders. The first Official Game of the season will be on April 14th. The Atlanta Braves left Turner Field when their 20 year lease expired at the end of the 2016 season. Braves fans had problems attending games during the 2016 season because of the traffic congestion near the old ball field in Turner Park. Suntrust Park is not supposed to have the same issues, and fans should be able to attend games without the hassles they previously dealt with.

Suntrust Park

Suntrust Park is located in the Atlanta Metropolitan area, about 10 miles west of downtown Atlanta. Although it is actually in Cumberland, the park has an Atlanta address, which is 755 Battery Ave. The capacity of the park is 41,149. This is about 8,000 fewer than Turner Field. According to Wikipedia, the right to name the new ball park was sold to Suntrust Banks, in exchange for a 25 year partnership.

The park was designed to maximize the experience of the fans in several ways. Those who attend home games will be able to view the games and have a heightened experience. Each seat has been designed so that it feels as though it is the best seat in the entire house. Braves fans will also now enjoy amenities that surpass all others in major league baseball.

There are 4,000 premium seats that are located in the Terrace club, Suntrust Club, and Delta Sky 360 club. Suntrust Park is being described as a wonderful combination of southern hospitality with the feel of a classic ballpark, while also having modern amenities.

Concessions galore

Braves fans will be elated because the popular Chop House is now new and improved.

It will offer a full menu, a burger restaurant concept space, and multiple beer choices. With 10,000 square feet, It has 3 levels, and 2 party decks. There is also a new field level, directly behind right field, which can be utilized for large groups. The website Atlanta.eater.com has a listing of where to eat at Suntrust Park, along with the location of the eatery.

Once you enter the plaza you will find a roster with a list of concessions that include some of the best places to eat in Atlanta. Atlanta Braves fans should be pleased with their new home. They will no doubt enjoy an experience like no other.